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It's 3AM and Sean cannot sleep. 

His wife, Suzy, died of cancer a year ago and Sean’s grief continues to wake him in the middle of the night. During these moments of insomnia he often searches the internet for support tools to help him understand what he is going through. He is mostly overwhelmed by clinical and lengthy text heavy websites. 

why Video?

Our video centric approach to bereavement support aims to build a social network that is powerful and personal.


An online social network for anyone looking to understand and live with their grief.


A virtual library of easily accessible short visual stories of people and professionals sharing insights and information about grief and bereavement.


My Grief Now

He's looking for a visual aid, a testimonial of someone else’s grief – to find understanding in another person’s story. 

A human connection.

Helping grief make sense...one story at a time.

My Grief Now is the result of a vision to develop a visual social network that helps others make sense of their grief through powerful and supportive storytelling.

It is a tribute to Suzy.  


Understanding grief.


Ongoing grief.


A story of loss and longing.


What is grief?