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My Grief Now


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Social impact

By producing personal narratives available to anyone, anywhere, My Grief Now aims:

• To increase accessibility of and diversity in bereavement support resources;
• To remove barriers or stigma in talking openly and honestly about grief;
• To facilitate strong emotional connections between people in mourning;
• To increase public awareness and understanding of the many kinds of bereavement and grief.

We believe passionately in the power of video and the strength of stories to help people deal with their grief. 

Helping grief make story at a time.

To inspire people to share stories and resources about their personal experiences with grief. 

Our Mission

  • Tools for grievers
  • Tools for professionals
  • Personal
  • Stories

Talking About Grief


Bereavement research suggests that grieving individuals can be at risk of disenfranchisement – the sense of feeling that their grief does not have a voice.

My Grief Now

Helping grief make story at a time.


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